The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis was founded with the goal of creating a positive and engaging learning environment to help children with autism learn and grow. After seeing a need for this service in our community, we rose to the task of supporting both children and autism and their families by providing individualized services and programming that benefits the entire family unit.
About autism group therapy

We believe that autism is not a “disease,” nor is it something that should be “cured.”

Your child is still your child after they are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This diagnosis simply means that your child will need a little bit more support and accommodation, and we use ABA methods to teach them how to adapt to new situations and function as independently as possible.

We believe that ABA therapy is the “gold standard” of autism treatment, but that it also needs to be applied in a way that is conducive to an individual’s learning experience.

We take the time to get to know your child and find out what best motivates them to learn, and then use that as positive reinforcement to bring out the behaviors we’d like to see and provide constructive alternatives to the ones we don’t. Our ABA therapy never, ever involves punishment, and our treatment plan is completely tailored to your child’s specific needs and your family’s goals.

We believe in teaching and training you, the parents or guardians, so you have the tools you need to continue to support your child outside of therapy and encourage positive behaviors.

Parental training is a necessary component of ABA to give your child a consistent learning experience and help them apply useful skills outside our “classroom.” We want to be your partner in care, and an advocate for your child, wherever you need us.

Most of all, we believe that every child with autism deserves the chance to thrive.


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