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Applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a type of behavioral therapy that is particularly effective at helping to treat autism in children. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a broad diagnosis that isn’t cut and dry; each child with an ASD diagnosis may need very individualized support because they have a unique disposition. Therefore, seeking individual ABA therapy in Raleigh for your child is advised since they will be able to get ABA therapy that is customized to their specific needs.

The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis is a certified ABA therapy center that provides a range of ABA therapies including individual or one-on-one therapy, allowing your child to get the support and therapy that they need to thrive. Whether your child with autism needs focused ABA therapy or comprehensive ABA therapy, The Cardinal Center is your ideal solution in Raleigh. Moreover, we have no wait lists so you can receive help for you and your child as soon as you are ready to start.

What is the Best Individual ABA Therapy?

Since each person with ASD has a unique disposition, there is no single best type of ABA therapy for everyone. Instead, through consultations and individual case management, the best solution for each person can be found. Applied behavior analysis therapy helps with specific instances where behavior and responses could be improved and with each person, those behaviors tend to be unique.

At The Cardinal Center, we will provide your child with the best individual ABA therapy for their disposition. We closely explore all of the options available for your child with autism and together with your input, we formulate the best ABA therapy which can be provided in a one-on-one setting.

How Are Autism ABA Treatment Programs Individualized?

Individualized therapy provides the best treatment results because mental health disorders such as autism spectrum disorder are unique to each person; each person will have their own unique characteristics. As such, providing ABA therapy that treats the individual and their unique characteristics will be more effective.

Each person at The Cardinal Center receives individualized ABA therapy, adjusting the therapy to the learner’s needs, interests, skills, preferences, and family situation. It is done through a thorough and detailed assessment by the BCBA that is treating your child. It will include treatment goals, preferences, and potentially family goals.

Individual ABA Therapy Techniques

Children with autism benefit greatly from ABA therapy. The therapeutic treatment involves several key techniques or strategies to help achieve goals and help your child to develop and learn to be able to thrive in their life. Among the ABA therapy techniques that are used during individual therapy sessions include:

  •         Positive reinforcement: Reinforcing positive behavior and responses with rewards that the child desires help to create a learned behavior.
  •         Prompting and fading: This technique involves using physical and verbal cues to help a child complete a task or learn a new skill. Fading is slowly reducing the cue until it is no longer needed to help the child perform the task or learn a skill.
  •         Video modeling: Video modeling is a visual learning tool to help kids that learn better through visual stimuli. It can be helpful to help a child with autism to learn new skills, social skills, and recognize different emotions.
  •         Natural environment teaching: Teaching children with autism in natural environments and real-life scenarios can be highly effective in helping them to learn how to handle different real-world situations.
  •         Generalizing: The technique of generalizing helps a child with autism to use a concept or idea that they understand and apply it to other situations.
  •         Behavior chain: Taking a larger task and breaking it up into smaller tasks makes certain tasks more manageable.
  •         Behavior contracts: With older children with autism, the behavior contracts technique is essentially a more advanced form of positive reinforcement where rewards are specified before the task is completed and all parties are expected to follow through with the contract.

These techniques or strategies are individualized for each child that receives ABA therapy in Raleigh at The Cardinal Center. Through individualized therapy, your child will be able to fully benefit from the effectiveness of ABA therapy for autism.

Benefits of Individual ABA Therapy for Autistic Children

Children with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis can greatly benefit from individual ABA therapy that is offered at The Cardinal in Raleigh. By receiving individual instead of group therapy, your child will receive the full attention they deserve, allowing our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) to provide the best possible ABA therapy in a private, safe setting.

The other benefits of individual applied behavioral analysis therapy for children with autism include:

  •         Improves social skills
  •         Gain independent life skills to meet everyday challenges
  •         Parents can be involved, helping them to better understand how to help their child
  •         Individual therapy allows the treatment to be highly personalized to individual needs
  •         Helps with non-verbal expression
  •         Helps with receptive and expressive language
  •         Teaches kids early functional skills
  •         Prepares the child for real-world experiences
  •         Helps your child to make friends

With each therapy session, your child will learn many important skills and practice them so that they can effectively deal with real-world situations. In the one-on-one setting, therapy can be highly targeted and adjusted to best suit your child’s needs.

How Many Hours of Individual ABA Therapy Does an Autistic Child Need?

Individual ABA therapy also means that they will have a personalized therapy plan. Each person may need a different level of care to be able to help them with ASD. That being said, you can expect roughly two to five hours a day or 10 to 40 hours a week.

As progress is tracked, the number of hours that the child must spend each week or day in therapy can be adjusted to better match their evolving needs. The Cardinal Center is here for the long run and we are able to help your child through all of their important developmental years.

How is Individual ABA Therapy Progress Evaluated?

During each therapy session, the BCBA collects various information and data to actively track your child’s progress. Goals are set and your child’s progress toward those goals will be tracked, and the BCBA will meet with you on a regular basis to discuss the progress.

Can ABA Therapy Be Adapted to Meet the Needs of Each Unique Person?

Yes. As described above, individualized ABA therapy offered in Raleigh at The Cardinal Center is most effective when the unique characteristics of the person are taken into account and therapy is adjusted, such as the techniques, to best suit them.

Does Insurance Cover ABA Therapy in Raleigh?

Depending on your health insurance plan, you might have coverage for ABA therapy. The Cardinal Center accepts many major insurance provider plans including Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. We are also looking to expand our accepted insurance provider plans to include BCBS and Medicaid.

If you would like help discovering your level of ABA therapy coverage, please feel free to contact The Cardinal Center for us to help you verify your insurance coverage for ABA therapy.

Why Choose Cardinal Center in Raleigh?

If you are in Raleigh and either want to find out if your child has autism spectrum disorder or your child has been diagnosed with ASD, The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis is the best place to start your child’s journey.

One of the hardest things that we’ve found for parents seeking certified ABA therapy in Raleigh is the long wait lists to be accepted into therapy. At The Cardinal Center, we have ensured that we are always able to accommodate new children into our programs because we understand how tough it can be to be met with wait list after waitlist – you will never be put on a waitlist with us.

We are driven by five core values and they are as follows:

  •         Passion: No matter how big or small something may be, our dedicated and compassionate staff give full their full effort and attention, and always strive to do better for the children and parents.
  •         Ingenuity: We understand how each child is unique and we constantly think outside the box and show initiative to solve important issues as we continually evaluate the services that we provide each child.
  •         Dedication: Our team is dedicated to building up others, adjusting plans as needed, being present for every moment of your child’s development, learning, growing, and adapting as we provide our ABA therapy services.
  •         Professionalism: We are committed to our high standards and competence in everything we do.
  •         Empathy: Considering intentions, goals, thoughts, and feelings is something that we are constantly improving on so that the needs of the children and their families can be met and understood.

The Cardinal Center in Raleigh provides your child with comprehensive individual ABA therapy to help them as they develop into the person they were meant to be. Call us today for a free consultation or to start your and your child’s journey.

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