ABA Support Groups in Cary, NC

If you have a child with autism in your family, you know that an autism diagnosis doesn’t change who they are — it just means they’ll need a little extra support as they learn and grow. At The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis, we understand that ABA therapy in itself depends on a high degree of parent involvement and training, and we know that you and your family may also need some emotional support from time to time, too.

Our goal is to be your partner in care, and to advocate not just for your child, but for your entire family unit. We know it can be challenging to raise a child with different needs, but if you feel alone and isolated, it can affect your entire family. That’s why we offer support groups for parents and siblings of children with autism.

Parent Support Group

In our Parent Support Group, you’ll have a chance to sit down with other parents of children with autism, and we’ll provide free childcare for your Cardinal child and their siblings for the length of the meeting.

Our Family Resource Coordinator will facilitate parent-led discussions with meaningful topics that are relevant to your life and your family, enabling you to make lasting connections and friendships with other parents in a similar situation to your own.

A support group session of parents with autistic children at The Cardinal Center
Cardinal offers support groups for siblings of children with autism

Sibling Support Group

Our Sibling Support Group is designed for ages 8-13 and allows the siblings of children with autism to come together and meet others who share their experiences.

Our Family Resource Coordinator supervises the siblings in engaging, age-appropriate activities, so they’ll have the opportunity to meet kids in similar situations and have fun doing so! These groups are open to siblings of Cardinal clients and to the public.

Online Parent Forum

If you’re not able to make it in person for Parent Support Group sessions, we have you covered. The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis also operates a private, closed Facebook group called the Cardinal Online Parent Forum, moderated by our Clinic Director and Family Resource Coordinator.

This group creates a safe space for parents to connect, swap stories, share advice, and seek support from other parents of children with autism — and it’s a resource available 24/7 that can be accessed without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Parent using The Cardinal Online Parent Forum for austism advice
Parents of children with autism enjoy a night out event

Parent’s Night Out Events

Once every quarter, we plan a Parent’s Night Out for the parents of Cardinal children. We’ll provide childcare in the indoor playground on the first floor of our center, and parents are encouraged to mingle on the second floor.

This is a less formal gathering than our Parent Support Group in that there’s no planned discussion, because we know as well as you do that sometimes, you just need the night off. You can trust that your children are in good hands, so relax and have a good time!

Autism Family Support Groups
in Cary, North Carolina

We know that you have your child’s best interests at heart, and we never want you to feel alone. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about our parent and sibling support groups, please don’t hesitate to give The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis a call at (919) 822-8802.